Untiri Pulka











The Untiri Pulka native title determination application was filed on 19 September 2019.


Federal Court of Australia Summary
Title: James Minning v State of WA
Applicant Names: James Minning
Application type: Claimant Application
Date filed: 19 September 2019
FCA No: WAD 472 of 2019



National Native Title Tribunal Summary
NNTC No: WC2019/011
Register of NT Claims: Currently subject to the registration test
NNTC Status: Active
Area Description/Location: South east areas of the Central Desert region
Claim area size (approximate): 66,309.23 km2
Notification Status: Pre-notification
Notification closing date: Nil
In mediation: n/a
Date Finalised: In progress

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There has been no determination of native title.

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Prescribed Body Corporate

There is no Prescribed Body Corporate.

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Land Access & Future Acts

For information about land access and future acts, please contact Central Desert Native Title Services.

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