Central Desert Native Title Services

Central Desert Native Title Services Limited (Central Desert) is a recognised native title service provider for the native title claimants and holders of the Central Desert region of Western Australia.

Our service area covers approximately 830,935km2, nearly one third of Western Australia. Our team of Research, Land Management, Legal, Community Engagement and Corporate Services staff, with their wealth of knowledge and experience, are committed to advancing and protecting the native title rights and interests of our constituents.


Permits and Travel Information:

Please note that Central Desert does not supply Permits for travel within our region.  We are a specialist native title legal service.

There are a number of permits and permissions that travelers may require when traveling throughout the Central Desert Region.  The requirement for these permits and permissions is based on the range of rights and interests in land that are held by various land holders, communities and native title holders.

Central Desert does not keep up to date information on the range of permits that are administered by various organisations throughout the Central Desert Region, however this link will provide you with information on services that may be able to assist you with your inquiry: Permits