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Central Desert’s geographic information systems or GIS support assists clients by providing information and tools for decision making about what happens on country.

GIS combines the visual elements and features on a map with the ability to link characteristics about these features in databases. This relationship provides a means for GIS to locate, display, analyse, and model information.

One of the most common uses of GIS technology involves comparing natural features with human activity.

For instance, GIS maps can display what man-made features are near certain natural features.

This involves bringing together data that we receive from traditional owners (significant sites, heritage areas, etc.) with data that exists in other places (e.g. government agencies or companies), and showing them together on a map in a way that shows all the information that is needed but is also clear/intuitive.

Core services

  • Heritage mapping for work surveys
  • Heritage mapping for Native Title and Compensation claim research
  • Cultural mapping projects
  • Mapping for Ranger Program activities
  • Assistance in acquiring and handling spatial data
  • Map printing (up to A0 size)

Programs we use are widely used making them highly compatible for client needs, such as:

  • Esri ArcGIS suite
  • Google Earth Pro

Central Desert's GIS team have strong regional and professional connections. They approach each job with flexibility and an outcome focused approach.

If you would like to know more about our GIS work, contact us .